Films & Shorts

Knock Knock (2017)

Someone’s not alone in the cabin. 

The Stalker (2017)

A short featuring Brock Zych and Stu Boyd.

Hunt (2017)

As a group of art students trek into the wilderness to film “Paper-cut Apocalypse,” they are confronted by the landowners, the infamous Hunt family.

Bunny Man (2016)

A social media sensation, her friends and family and a killer.

K (2016)

One piece of information leads to a mysterious tale that unfolds after the discovery of a USB drive. 

Batman Beyond (Currently in Post Production)

After leaving Gotham, Terry McGinnis discovers something that’ll change his view on everything. 

Day One (2014)

In the year 2104, the world is torn apart. Life as we know it is soon lost.

Lee: Assassin (2012)

Edited and finding a home.

Overdose (2011)

ZychBoyFilms’ first ever horror movie.

The Mysterious Islands (2011)

[Part 1]

On the prowl for a treasure hunter, Brian Token stumbles upon Orlando Swift. Now working as a team, they both blindly travel into The Mysterious Islands…
    [Part 2]

With Orlando Swift now out of the picture, Brian Token treks on to claim his treasure. But will he leave the islands with the treasure? Will he even leave the islands alive?