Bunny Man and Deconstructionism

In theatre, I’ve always been intrigued by the movement known as deconstructionism. With Bunny Man, I wanted to do some deconstruction of my own. I wanted to do away with horror clichés, and try to tell this story from a new point of view. As the stars constantly talk to the camera, smiling and pandering to the audience, the heroine and killer stereotypes melt away, leaving the viewer watching actors advancing for fame playing characters that crave internet fame. As the Bunny Man dons a mask and films himself in the mirror, the traditional “willing suspension of disbelief” evaporates. As stated at the beginning of the short film, Bunny Man is based on a true story. That solitary fact leaves the observer questioning whether they should hate the killer who watches reality through a screen, the masked man looking at his reflection in a mirror, or the kids for exploiting and contributing to a voyeuristic internet culture. I hope you like it.

-Hayden Zych, Director, Bunny Man